I have a great new place to work!

You know how the physical environment can have such an impact on how you feel? Sometimes it's easy to overlook the importance of things such as lighting ( natural or harsh overhead lights?) temperature, noise and the view ( or absence of), not to mention comfortable seating.

 I am delighted that I have found a new base for my private practice! Situated in the small village of Whaley Bridge in the heart of the Peak District, my room is secluded and peaceful with only the sound of the river-  a great asset when it comes to learning how to relax and sleep well!

The environment is certainly bringing out the best in me and therefore enables me to support my clients in the best possible way. 

Riverside Wellbeing is easily accessible by road, train and bus. Just click on the Contacts tab to get the address and make a no-obligation appointment.

If you live too far away or would prefer a phone appointment, then we can talk by phone or Skype.