Struggle to get a good night's sleep? Read Jane's story of how she learned how to sleep well again without medication.

Jane’s story

Jane joined my most recent Sleep Well course. I know so many people who struggle to get a good night’s sleep and I want to share her story here to encourage others to get help.

My sleeping problems started when both my parents became ill.  As their primary carer, I feel completely responsible for their health and wellbeing needs on a day to day basis. However, the strain of trying to juggle two homes and work commitments simultaneously proved detrimental to my ability to sleep well.

As the months went by, my need for a ‘good night’s sleep’ became desperate. I would regularly wake up each night with my mind full of the things that were essential for me to do the next day. Once awake, I found it almost impossible to get back to sleep.  My head was full of thoughts which swirled around almost endlessly, making me feel tired and anxious that I would forget important things.

I needed a solution urgently and particularly one that didn’t involve medication. I visited Frances’s website  where I read about the various courses on offer and determined to get in touch.

The Sleep Well course suited my needs perfectly – the location, timing and length of sessions fitted in with my schedule and group size was reassuringly small.  At the start of the course, I was typically getting about 2-3 hours sleep a night.  By the end, this had improved to 7 hours.

The course taught me how to relax and deal with busy thoughts. Frances guided us through various different breathing and relaxation exercises.  I appreciated being able to practice these at home and now use them during the day, before I go to sleep and at night if I wake up.

With Frances’ help, I also established a new routine in the hour before bedtime, so I could prepare for restful sleep.  The tips and advice seemed so simple but they really work and I’ve been able to keep to the new routine, even after the course finished.

The course was good for me on a number of levels.  Frances ‘tailored’ the content each week, listening to our input and helping us to explore different exercises and techniques.   I appreciated that we weren’t expected to share anything personal in the class but it still gave me what I needed to get back into a healthy sleeping pattern. The course materials, the 1:1 session and, in particular, the relaxation exercises on the CD were all extremely helpful. Thank you. Jane.

A note from Frances

If your lack of sleep is getting you down, then don't struggle on any longer.  You have a choice of joining my next small group Sleep Well course or you can opt for a private and fully bespoke course working with me individually.  I work by Skype as well as face to face. Just click here  to find out how the  small group course works and here if you are interested in a private course. Ready to go ahead? Reserve your place here