Sleep Well in Five Weeks - a combination of group classes and private coaching

Welcome to Sleep Well in Five Weeks!

A course of small group coaching with individual support

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Venue: Riverside Wellbeing, Whaley Bridge, SK23 7AA

(within easy travelling distance of the High Peak, Stockport and Manchester)

Maximum 8 places so booking essential. 

Imagine how much better you would feel if you slept well every night.

Just think how your relationships, your work and your energy would improve if you enjoyed good sleep.

If you have problems sleeping, you don't need to struggle alone. Let's tackle it together.  My Sleep Well in Five Weeks Course is based on proven techniques guaranteed to dramatically improve your sleep.

In just 5 weeks, I promise you will learn how to enjoy great quality sleep again.

You can benefit from Sleep Well in Five Weeks either by taking the Course on a completely private basis - in which case please follow this link- or by joining my small group classes, in  which case, please read on!

Sleep Well  tackles the key areas for good sleep:

  • sleep habits - habits and routines that promote sound sleep

  • racing mind techniques to relax, stop endless thinking and get back to sleep

  • life style- strategies to ensure your daily schedule supports good sleep

  • thoughts - stop dreading sleep and feel confident about sleeping well again

I have run this course many times and am confident that you will really notice a difference from week one.  In fact, if you have followed the course and your sleep has not remarkably improved  by the end of the five weeks,  I will refund your fee in full, without quibble.

I limit numbers on this course to a maximum of eight so that everybody can benefit from the support they need and feel comfortable. 

Limited places so email me now to reserve your place.   

Read here how one of my  Sleep Well clients turned her sleep around.

What you get when you sign up:

  • all my experience and knowledge designed to get you sleeping well again
  • 5  Sleep Well  small group classes 
  • unlimited email support throughout the Course
  • comprehensive, re-usable course materials
  • action points and home tasks after each session to support your weekly progress 
  • my unique Sleep Well CD with proven relaxation exercises 
  • a one to one coaching session to ensure that you are getting the maximum from the course and to provide additional support 
  • a money-back guarantee if at the end of the Course you have not benefitted.


Maximum 8 places so booking essential. 

All incusive course fee £195.

To reserve your place, please email me.


Poor sleep affects many aspects of our lives: our energy levels, work performance, relationships and also our physical health. Sometimes, we can’t sleep because we are so tired!

The core of the Sleep Well  is delivered over 5 weeks with an individual coaching session to support you further.

It provides you with a range of tried and tested techniques to bring better sleep. Each week for 5 weeks you benefit from a Sleep Well class plus course resources to support your progress. All being well, you will be enjoying great sleep by the end of the five weeks. 

How the course works.

We start with a simple Sleep Well questionnaire that helps me to ensure the Course meets your specific needs.  

We tackle each of the key areas over the weeks. Each week, we review your progress and I teach you new strategies to build on that. At the end of each of group class, you'll decide on action points tailored specifically for you, to ensure your progress in-between the classes. You'll also receive a copy of my Sleep Well audio - exercises specifically designed to accompany this Course.

You can also contact me at any time during the Course if you need additional help.

To book or find out more please email me. I'd love to help you enjoy good sleep again. 

Here's what other say about Sleep Well

To see what it’s like to go through the Sleep Well course, please read Jane’s story on my blog here

Interested? Please email me to book or find out more.

Is this course for you?

If you are having trouble sleeping, whether this is a fairly recent difficulty or a well-established pattern, this course will bring lasting improvements to your sleep. 

More feedback from other Sleep Well participants! 

"The Sleep Well course suited my needs perfectly.  At the start of the course, I was typically getting about 2-3 hours sleep a night.  By the end, this had improved to 7 hours."

 “Well worth doing, it makes you think about your whole lifestyle and helps you sleep!”

“An excellent course...exceeded my expectations. Goes beyond sleep management to ways to deal with general life stresses.”

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